Government is the Cause of Income Inequality, Not the Cure – Part II

View as PDF Democrats continue to use “income inequality” as an effective wedge issue, according to Jim Tobin, noted Chicago economist and President of Taxpayer Education Foundation (TEF). “Actually, it is federal and state, and local governments that transfer wealth from average taxpayers to the wealthy, to politicians’ pet projects, and to favored labor unions [...]

Government is the Cause of Income Inequality, Not the Cure – Part I

View as PDF Washington Democrats are using “income inequality” as a wedge issue, a ploy that has benefited them throughout the years, but their deceptive strategy masks the real inequality in wages and benefits, according to Jim Tobin, noted economist and President of Taxpayer Education Foundation (TEF). “While it is true that median incomes of [...]

Happy Birthday to the Federal Reserve – 100 Years of War, Welfare, and Pork

View as PDF By Dennis Constant December 2013 is the 100th birthday of the Federal Reserve System (Fed). The Federal Reserve Act was conceived and described in a preliminary version in November 1910, at a secret meeting in the private resort of J. P. Morgan on Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia. Republican Senator [...]

9/11 Not the Only “Surprise” Attack on U.S.


As the 10th anniversary draws near of the “surprise” attack on the Twin Towers in New York City, one should not forget that December 7, 2011, marks the 70th anniversary of the Japanese attack on our naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This attack drew the U.S. into World War II and when it was [...]

90% Toll Tax Hike Plan Would Fund Political Payoffs

Click here to view this ITEF Comment as a PDF. CHICAGO— The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority has always been a notorious patronage machine. To listen to Tollway lackeys now, today’s Authority is something out of a fairy tale—an upstanding group of public servants to whom we shouldn’t hesitate to give $12.1 billion in toll [...]

Phony Debt-Limit Deal Only Made Things Worse

Click here to view this ITEF Comment as a PDF. CHICAGO–The phony federal-debt-limit deal put together by Democrats and Republicans has fooled no one and has actually made matters worse, according to economist Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). “You can’t fool the markets. On Wednesday, the Standard and Poor’s 500 hit [...]

Total IL Government Retirees Receiving Over $100,000 a Year Soars 22% to 5,294

Click here to view this ITEF Comment as a PDF. The number of retired Illinois government employees receiving pension benefits of over $100,000 a year has climbed to 5,294 as of April 1, 2011, an increase of 22% from June 30, 2010, according to the president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). Of the six [...]

Inflation Forecast Forewarns of Perilous Devaluation of Assets

Click here to view this ITEF Comment as a PDF. By Dennis Constant In 1971, President Nixon imposed wage and price controls. Inflation was 4%. According to The Econ Review, “By the prevailing historical standards, such inflation rates were thought to be completely intolerable.” The Nixonian measures were not successful. “The wage and price controls [...]

Illinois “Education Reforms” a Sham

Click here to view this ITEF Comment as a PDF. “The so-called ‘education reforms’ passed by the Democrat-controlled Illinois General Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) are a sham and a smokescreen,” said the President of the Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation (ITEF). “This legislation is a smokescreen for the recently-passed, gargantuan [...]

Lincoln’s Unpopular War—Part 2

April 12, 2011, marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the War Between the States. Prior to the fall of Fort Sumter, few Americans North or South wanted war.  On February 18, 1861, Confederate President Jefferson Davis called for peace:  “There can be but little rivalry between ours and any manufacturing or navigating community, [...]

Lincoln’s Unpopular War—Part 1

April 12, 2011, marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the War Between the States. It was a war Abraham Lincoln pursued not to free slaves but to enslave free men. Lincoln’s overriding concern was to keep the Southern states as taxpaying provinces of the federal government. Until the War Between the States, the [...]

Retired Illinois Judges Raking in Extravagant Pensions

CHICAGO- Retired Illinois judges are enjoying some of the most lavish pensions of all Illinois pensioners with the top 100 judicial pensions each in excess of $147,000. While Illinois leadership dabbles with pension reform, millionaire pensions are breaking the backs of taxpayers. Tobias Barry, a retired Appellate Court Judge tops the list with an annual [...]

Illinois State-Local Tax Burden Climbs Despite Recession’s Bite

CHICAGO–Figures released today, Wednesday, Feb. 23, by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, headquartered in Washington, DC, show that Illinois’ state-local tax burden increased sharply in comparison to the 49 other states, despite lower total amounts of taxes paid due to the recession. The foundation defines tax burden as taxes paid divided by income.

Rain On The Lincoln Parade — Part 2

There are many different estimates as to the number of casualties in Lincoln’s War Between the States.  If one also counts civilian dead, total casualties are probably well over 660,000. Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary series stated casualties were two percent of the population.  Today, that would work out to be between five and six [...]

CTA to Waste $1.2 Billion in Red Line Boondoggle

CHICAGO- The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is underway with a project that would extend the Red Line’s reach past its current ending point at 95th and Dan Ryan to three miles farther south, at 130th St. This proposed “solution” comes at the cost of $1.2 billion for taxpayers. NTUI’s Nick Mestad testifies on behalf of [...]

Stephenson County Government Teachers Doing Well- Private Sector Workers Not So Good

The Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation (ITEF) has just completed a research project on the public school salaries and benefits in Stephenson County, Illinois. Jim Tobin, president of ITEF, brings up these facts: “Stephenson County Illinois has 10.5% unemployment rate with the median full time wage of $30,800 per year. Yet at Stephenson government schools, 98% [...]

Carroll County School Teachers Thrive as Private Sector Struggles to Survive

LAKE CARROLL–A study by the Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation (ITEF) of public school salaries and benefits in Carroll County, Illinois, reveals that Carroll County has a 10.5% unemployment rate with an average full time wage of $30,420 per year, but that in Eastland School District 308, every teacher makes more than the average Carroll county [...]

Illinois Total State Revenue Up $8.1 Billion for FY2010

By Jeff Trigg The Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation’s analysis of Illinois’ state revenue for fiscal year 2010 shows an incredible $8.1 billion increase in total state revenue over fiscal year 2009. The state of Illinois has seen an increase in revenue of 11.22% since fiscal year 2009.

Five-Million-Dollar Pensions Enjoyed by Illinois State Cops– Part 2

“There are 3,500 employees in the Illinois State Police Department, but only 2,000 are certified troopers. We were astounded to find more than 35% of these 2,000 Illinois state troopers had salaries in excess of $100,000 per year,” said Jim Tobin, President of the Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation (ITEF). “No wonder some state cops receive [...]

“Top Two” Primaries Benefit Tax-Raisers, Disenfranchise Tax-Cutters

The “Top Two Primaries Act,” most recently passed in California on June 8 as Proposition 14, is a cynical, devious and extremely dangerous way to choose candidates, charged Jim Tobin, President of the Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation.

Warren Harding and the Great Depression That Wasn’t

By Jerry Kohn If you attended a typical American high school and took a typical course in American history, you no doubt learned the great myths of the Great Depression. [i] You were likely taught that this depression was the result of greedy Wall Street speculators, inequality of wealth, and the “do nothing” Presidency of [...]

Illinois and Lincoln Set the Bar for Political Sleaze (Part 2 of 2)

By Dennis Constant As described in Part 1 of this series, the Chicago Tribune was one of Abraham Lincoln’s biggest champions during his bid for the presidency. Almost 150 years later, a May 16 Tribune editorial outlined the many ways in which Lincoln’s men orchestrated his nomination through deception and coercion.

Illinois and Lincoln Set the Bar for Political Sleaze: Part 1 of 2

By Dennis Constant Step aside, Louisiana, and bow to the real experts on political hijinks: the boys from Illinois. Today, May 18, is the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s nomination for president. An entertaining and surprisingly forthright May 16 Chicago Tribune editorial described how the Trib “spared no newsprint or superlative in promoting Lincoln for [...]

“Troopergate” Outrages Illinois Taxpayers

An analysis released by Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation (ITEF) reveals just how much the Illinois State Police (ISP) is costing Illinois taxpayers. At the end of 2009, more than 35% of the 2,000 state troopers—that’s 743 people, to be exact—had salaries in excess of $100,000. Leading the way were Lt. Carl Anderson at $189,015, Master [...]