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CHICAGO—Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), one of the largest taxpayer organizations in America, today filed a lawsuit against the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, its Chair Paula Wolff and Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The complaint seeks to roll back the recently adopted, back-breaking toll increase. It also alleges the Tollway Authority has violated state law by failing to convert tollways to freeways and by failing to plan for its own dissolution, as required by law.

“The tollway is a creature of statute that went into effect in July 1953,” said Tobin. “The slogan of the authority was ‘Toll Free in ’73.’ That was when the toll roads were to be paid off and converted to freeways.”

“Instead, the tollway keeps expanding, building more toll roads, and hiking tolls, ensuring that it will live forever. This is contrary to the legislative intent of its creators.”

“We intend to ask the Court to enjoin any attempt to impose the higher tolls until the Tollway Authority complies with the law,” said Tobin. The Vice President of TUA, Christina Tobin, and TUA’s Director of Outreach, Rae Ann McNeilly, are also named as Plaintiffs, as well as two motorists from Wisconsin, Carol Westphal and Glenn Westphal, of Shawano, Wisconsin.

The suit (#11CH33144) is assigned to Judge Rita Novak and asks for a class action on behalf of tollway users.