Illinois Democrats have been lying about taxes. Back in November, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) promised not to pass a tax increase without Republican support. Yet not a single Republican in either the House or Senate joined the 90 Democrats who passed Tuesday’s income tax increase.

While campaigning for votes, Gov. Quinn lied, saying he supported a 1% increase in the income tax when he was really talking about a 33% increase, from a 3% to 4% rate. Yet the bill awaiting Quinn’s signature is an astounding 67% increase in the personal income tax.

Democrats continue to mislead the public by representing the increased Illinois corporate income tax rate as 7%, when a “personal property replacement tax” of 2.5% effectively makes the new corporate income tax 9.5%, the third highest in the nation. It’s unquestionably a job-killer.

When the Senate passed the income tax hike, it received the exact 30 votes it needed to pass, much like the exact 60 votes it received when it passed in the house. Quinn’s claim that “everybody voted their conscience” doesn’t hold up in light of the backroom meetings and bribes to legislators that preceded the last minute vote and highly suggest that it was a structured vote.

“This is the only major Springfield tax increase in Illinois history passed without a single Republican vote,” said NTUI President Jim Tobin. “In just the past few days, Democrats have managed to prove repeatedly that none of their words can be trusted. The only way to stop the next income tax increase is for the voters of Illinois to kick every Democrat out of office.”

NTUI began its campaign against the 2014 income tax increase yesterday, holding a press conference in Crystal Lake to expose the McHenry County government pension millionaires whose pockets the tax increase is destined for. NTUI will visit all 102 counties in Illinois.

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