CHICAGO – Taxpayers United of America (TUA) Vice President, Christina Tobin, called on Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio General Assembly to set the standard for transparency by releasing its government pension data.

“I have written letters to Gov. Kasich and the members of the General Assembly, urging them to change the culture of secrecy surrounding government employee pension benefit amounts. They can champion a culture of transparency to ensure honesty and integrity through unlimited public review of all taxpayer funds.”

“TUA was in Ohio last week, releasing pension estimates for government employees. The first stop was the Ohio Capitol to hand-deliver the letters. TUA held press conferences in Columbus, Youngstown, Toledo and Cleveland releasing pension estimates for state and local government employees.”

“Ohio is one of a few states that interprets its Open Records Act exception regarding personal information to include pension payments. But as long as taxpayers fund the pensions, they have a right to review them.”

“In order to have the critical dialogue about meaningful pension reforms, Ohioans need to know exactly what kind of lavish pensions their tax dollars are providing for government employees.”

 “I have asked Governor Kasich and the 129th Ohio General Assembly to take the lead in making Ohio above reproach through complete transparency with public funds.”

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