Taxpayers United of America has long documented the improprieties of United States Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL).
Within the last six months alone, we’ve put out the following releases on Illinois’ left-wing senator:

Now, other organizations and taxpayer advocates are waking up to Dick Durbin’s political tricks and corruption.
Check out the following video, More Than Wrong.
It is an excellent piece and comes from our friends at Our America Fund. If you agree with the ad’s message, please share it with your family and friends.
Hopefully, come election day, Illinoisans will wake up and vote this career politician out. Dump Durbin!
—Jim Tobin, President

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  1. Another I wanna be Poltician and is a Political desperate is
    Steve Landek – Mayor Landek – Bridgeview
    Senator Landek – Two year term, because Senator
    Viverito retired.. Landek slipped in.
    Lyons Township Committeeman – He owns the building were the
    Lyons Township building is at on 63rd and Archer in Summit.
    He is a Polticial bully and wants a four year term very bad. He butts into
    all the Villages and lines up his stooges. He has done nothing for Summit.
    Hopefully we can dump Landek also.