Minnesota Press

KSTC 45 | Can Taxpayers Afford Minnesota’s Pension Plans?


TUA’s study on Minnesota’s public pension system was featured in a story by KSTC-TV Channel 45. How would you like to collect $14,000 a month, for life, in retirement? It’s possible and legal under Minnesota’s pension plans. Take Kenneth Young. He’s at the top of the list. Young, a former Hennepin County worker, collects the highest annual [...]

Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, St. Louis County retirees see six-figure pensions


Findings from TUA’s pension project on Duluth, Minnesota are featured in this article from the Duluth News Tribune. A Chicago-based watchdog group that trains its critical eye on public employee pensions has turned its scrutiny to Duluth and St. Louis County. The group’s figures, confirmed by the Public Employees Retirement Association of Minnesota, show that [...]