Director of Operations at Taxpayers United of America’s, Jared Labell, was quoted by ABC KHQA about I Ride.

“I Ride” would track drivers’ miles through a required odometer in each vehicle.
It would track the amount of miles each resident drives on Illinois roads.
Illinois senate president John Cullerton proposed the bill.

“After a couple years of research it’s generally known as a vehicle miles traveled program. And that is one that is essentially a user fee, the more you use the road the more you pay, so instead of taxing you on each gallon of gas it’s charging you on each mile that you drive,”said John Patterson.

The senator’s office says the bill would modernize the way taxes are collected for road improvements. As cars become more efficient and fewer of them use gas that means less money for the state.
Drivers concerned about privacy could opt to pay a flat rate instead of installing an odometer.
Opponents think the new legislation would not replace the current gas tax but would be an added tax.

“This brand new proposal by Senator Cullerton is very, very damaging , we believe, to the Illinois economy. To be putting a new tax on your everyday workers who will be the ones predominantly affected is not a good idea at this time when Illinois’ overall economy is so shaky,” said Jared Labell.

Tri-State residents say they’re hesitant about the new idea.