Director of Operations at Taxpayers United of America’s, Jared Labell, was quoted by Alton Daily News about I Ride.

Amid an outpouring of angry reactions about a measure to tax Illinois drivers by the mile, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, says he won’t advance his proposal.
Cullerton took to social media late Friday to make the announcement.
“I filed legislation to start discussion and debate and get feedback on how the state could replace the gas tax. I’ve received a lot of constructive feedback that will help shape future policies. I do not intend to move forward with SB 3267,” Cullerton wrote.
Taxpayers United of America Director of Operations Jared Labell said he understands the frustration from Illinois commuters and that the bill would have been highway robbery.
“I think taxpayers are very motivated right now to push back,” Labell said. “Hopefully, as lawmakers in Springfield fight about the budget impasse, taxpayers can really make an impact now as things are coming to a head.”
Labell said taxpayers are beginning to make their voices heard.
“Sometimes they won’t react to a half-a-billion-dollar property-tax increase, but taxpayers and people in general will see these other little taxes and start to connect the dots and see how one tax increase leads to another,” Labell said.
A similar tax bill proposed by state Sen. Heather Steans, D-Chicago, would have raised the gas tax by 30 cents and would have included a vehicle-miles tax. Steans’ bill was postponed April 14.