Chicago-Taxpayers United of America (TUA) executive director Matthew Schultz today criticized President Biden’s soon to be announced infrastructure initiative as both deceptive and redundant.

“President Biden is promising to spend up to three trillion dollars in taxpayer’s money on what he calls infrastructure,” said Matthew. “We don’t need an infrastructure bill like Biden is proposing, and his bill is set to be another tax money giveaway, funded with tax hikes.

“When it comes to roads, Biden seems to have forgotten that it’s not the 1940’s anymore. The United States has road connections. In fact, the USA has the most roads out of anyone in the world. Not only that, but the USA has some of the best roads in the world, ranking among the top ten. We don’t need Trillions of dollars in new roads or road rebuilding.”

“That’s why Biden is promising to spend taxpayer’s money on other things that can be called incrusted if you squint hard enough. He wants to run up the taxpayer credit card with nebulous things like climate change, poverty, education. In reality, whatever muted effect these initiatives will have, will drastically increase government spending on bureaucracy and hand taxpayer money to all of Biden’s government friends.”

“Whatever the spending looks like, it is important to remember that it is taxpayers that will foot the bill. Some of the tax increases could include over the next ten years a payroll tax increase on high-income households costing $740 billion, a corporate income tax increase from 21 to 28 percent, worth $730 billion, a minimum tax on foreign earnings of US companies $440 billion, a higher capital gains and dividend taxes of $370 billion, and an individual income tax increase for high earners that will reel in $310 billion. Infamously, Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg even suggested a vehicle miles tax, a tax on how far you drive, could be implemented.”

“The future infrastructure bill will be nothing but a tax increase to enrich government employees at taxpayer expense.”