State Data Lab|The Ruling Class: Judges’ Retirement System

State Data Lab, a project by Truth In Accounting, featured Taxpayers United of America’s recent JRS data release.

Includes “… “Our analysis of JRS reveals more of the same taxpayer abuse that we have found across the state’s government pension system. Not only do these judges benefit from the redistribution of taxpayer wealth, they also rule in their own favor to protect the Illinois pension cabal when practical, necessary reforms are challenged in the courts. This system is ripe with conflicts of interest and corruption and it is protected at every level of a government that chooses to serve itself rather than the constituents it was intended to protect…”

McHenry Times|The Chicago Tribune: 'Our nod goes to Skillicorn' in District 66

Tax Accountability, the Political Action arm of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), was featured in an article by McHenry Times for their endorsement of Allen Skillicorn.

The Chicago Tribune has endorsed East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn in his run for the Republican nomination for state representative in District 66.
The soon-to-be-vacant seat now held by retiring Republican state Rep. Mike Tryon of Crystal Lake has four candidates vying in the GOP primary – Skillicorn, Lakewood Trustee Paul Serwatka, West Dundee Trustee Dan Wilbrandt and McHenry County Board Member Carolyn Schofield of Crystal Lake.
After weighing the admirable qualities in some of the Republican candidates, the Chicago Tribune settled on Skillicorn.
“But in this race, our nod goes to Skillicorn, a marketing professional who is the most outspoken about the need to blow up the status quo in Springfield,” the newspaper wrote. “Locally, he led the charge to freeze the property tax levy and has been a cheerleader of (Gov. Bruce) Rauner’s agenda. We’d like to see Skillicorn make his own mark. We’re confident he will. Skillicorn is endorsed.”
The newspaper noted that although Schofield has the most government experience, it found it disappointing that she voted against a bill that would have “allowed for more consolidation of county services, saving taxpayers’ money.”
The newspaper said Wilbrandt has proven to be an independent thinker who isn’t afraid to vote against the board majority in his village and added that he “has been tight with the purse strings.”
Last week, Skillicorn was endorsed by former state Sen. Chris Lauzen, who is the current Kane County Board chairman. Tax Accountability, the political action arm of Taxpayers United of America, has also endorsed Skillicorn, and a January Compass Consulting poll showed him leading the Republican race by 15 points.
He was elected East Dundee village trustee in 2011 and his effort to keep property taxes from rising ultimately dropped village property taxes per home.
Skillicorn grew up in Crystal Lake and Algonquin, and graduated from Dundee Crown High School. He resides in East Dundee with his family and is the marketing director for a local electronics manufacturer. Skillicorn currently serves as vice chair for the Kane County Republican Party, and believes in greater government accountability and lower taxes.

McHenry Times|House candidate Skillicorn states his views on property taxes, term limits and Illinois’ political leadership

 Tax Accountability, the Political Action arm of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), was featured in an article by McHenry Times for their endorsement of Allen Skillicorn.

Since the launch of his campaign, Illinois’ District 66 House candidate Allen Skillicorn has promised he would focus on property taxes and fight to reduce the tax burden on Illinois citizens, as he has successfully done as trustee for the Village of East Dundee.
In a Chicago Tribune questionnaire, Skillicorn, a Republican, maintained his position and said reducing property taxes and worker compensation reform are his highest priorities for state government.
“Property taxes are a crushing burden threatening homeowners and businesses across Illinois. Worker compensation reform — this is crucial to Illinois businesses, jobs, and the vitality of our state economy,” Skillicorn said.
On July 10, 2015, Skillicorn signed the Tax Accountability Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising to “support economic freedom by working to decrease the overall tax burden of taxpayers.”
In response to whether or not he supports legislative term limits and term limits for leadership positions, the marketing director said he does and has set a self-imposed limit should he win.
“Yes, I support term limits. After eight years, it is time to move on from the Illinois House,” Skillicorn said. “Limiting a politician’s span of service helps them focus on what they were sent by the people to do. Endless re-election campaigns and the accumulation of power by too many for too long have led Illinois to its current state of dysfunction.”
House Speaker Michael Madigan is the longest-serving Speaker in Illinois history. He has held the position since 1983, with the exception of two years when Republicans gained control of the House. Madigan has been a member of the House representing District 22 since 1971.
When it comes to key strengths and weaknesses of Chicago and Illinois political leadership, Skillicorn said he believes Gov. Bruce Rauner is putting a commendable amount of effort into rescuing the state.
“Gov. Bruce Rauner is a courageous businessman trying to save the failing state of Illinois,” he said. “Although I’m not wealthy, I made modest contributions to Rauner’s 2014 campaign, put up yard signs, and much more. With my efforts East Dundee was the first municipality in the state to support his Turnaround Agenda. I’m running to help Gov. Rauner in the State House.”
The praise of Illinois’ political leadership ended there.
“In stark contrast, House Speaker Michael Madigan, President John Cullerton, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and many other Democrats have brought Illinois to its current state of crisis, dysfunction and chaos,” Skillicorn said. “How many families have to flee Illinois before they embrace basic reforms to make Illinois competitive? How many innocent peoples’ lives must be destroyed for the narrow, partisan gain of the Illinois Democratic Party? For so many reasons, I’m also running because what Chicago Democrats are doing to our state is wrong.”
Skillicorn was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune earlier this week. Tax Accountability, the Political Action arm of Taxpayers United of America (TUA), has also endorsed the conservative candidate.