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CHICAGO–The news that well-paid Chicago government-school teachers have gone on strike because they didn’t get a 29% increase in salaries over 2 years draws attention from the even more outrageous salaries that Chicago government-school administrators are getting, according to Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).
“Our recently-obtained list of the ‘Top 100’ Chicago government-school administrator salaries reveals that these are the guys who are pulling in the really big bucks — courtesy of Chicago taxpayers.”
Download the top 100 administrator salaries for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) here.

“At the top of our Top 100 list, Jean Claude Brizard, Chief Executive Officer, gets an annual salary of $250,000. Chief Administrative Officer, Timothy J. Cawley, receives $215,000.”
“Alicia Winckler, Chief Talent Officer — whatever that means — gets $205,000. David G. Watkins, Chief Financial Officer, pulls in $195,000.”
“Even at the bottom of our Top 100 list — number 100 — Principal Martha Alba gets a generous annual salary of $142,203. Not a bad salary for being number 100.”
“The greed of the Chicago government-school teachers and their well-to-do administrative counterparts is so obvious that I’m surprised Chicago taxpayers haven’t revolted and demanded that the striking teachers be fired and replaced with non-union personnel. Chicago is broke, and the government-school system also is broke. Cook County taxpayers, with average wages of $58,000 and a median home value of $269,000, have their backs to the wall. Chicago taxpayers need to say to the Mayor and to the Chicago Teachers Union: ENOUGH!”

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