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CHICAGO–Not only are Chicago homeowners going to see big increases in their property taxes due to the unconscionable 16% pay raise offered to striking Chicago government-school teachers, but the lavish, gold-plated pensions being paid to retired Chicago government teachers will result in additional hikes in their property taxes, according to Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of Illinois (TUA).
“Chicago homeowners, through their property taxes, are on the hook for the huge salary increases currently being negotiated by the school board and the Chicago Teachers Union,” said Tobin. “But even worse are the extravagant pensions being paid to retired Chicago government-school teachers.”
“Our list of the ‘Top 100’ pensions paid to retired Chicago government-school teachers, ranked by estimated lifetime pension payout, highlights the stunning pensions largely funded by taxpayers — taxpayers who will never collect more than about $22,000 a year from Social Security.”
“Chicago government-school teacher pensions are out of control. These retired bureaucrats are being paid millions to do absolutely nothing. After retirement, most will live for decades, and many will become pension millionaires.”
View the top 100 teacher pensions for Chicago government schools here.
“Heading our list of the ‘Top 100’ Chicago Teacher pensions as of April 4, 2012 is Barbara Eason-Watkins, whose current annual pension is $156,103. Her estimated lifetime pension payout is an incredible $5,973,659.”
“Number two on the list is Miguel Trujillo, whose annual pension is $119,870. His estimated lifetime pension payout is $5,361,206.”
“Even the retiree at the bottom of the ‘Top 100’ list, Daniel Trahey, is raking in the bucks. His annual pension is $116,562, and his estimated lifetime pension is $1,639,699.”
“These retired Chicago government-school teachers are literally becoming pension millionaires by being paid for doing absolutely nothing, courtesy of Chicago homeowners. The Chicago government school pension program is unsustainable, and the property taxes of Chicago homeowners will be raised again and again until they revolt at the polls and throw from office the mayor and city council members who are the tools of the Chicago Teachers Union.”