Christina M. Tobin, Free and Equal CEO and Vice President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI), will be working with Oak Park activist Noel Kuriakos of the Citizens Alliance of Oak Park and other activists all weekend and on Monday to oppose the proposed Dist. 97 property tax increase on the Tuesday, April 5, tax increase ballot.
“We will be passing out Vote No flyers and talking with Oak Park residents all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday” said Tobin. “I have a personal stake in this, as I will be moving to Oak Park in the near future and oppose increasing property taxes to fund the outrageous, lavish gold-plated salaries and benefits Dist. 97 teachers and administrators are getting.”

“This is not a liberal vs. conservative issue,” said Tobin. “Taxpayers across the entire political spectrum – whether they be public employees or in the private sector – would be hurt by this proposed tax increase. If approved, this tax increase would be passed on to renters in the form of higher rents. It’s clear that the politicians who support these tax increases need to be kicked out of office.”
Tobin may be reached for interviews by calling her cell phone at 312-320-4101.
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