View as PDF Chicago—Taxpayers United of America (TUA) have fought against higher taxes, reckless spending, and government largesse for nearly forty years. As we look back on our decades of activism and education of taxpayers, TUA is releasing some footage from our archives featuring our president and founder, Jim Tobin.
In May of 1997, Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar (R) attempted to pass a $1.6 billion school funding bill that would have raised personal income taxes in Illinois by twenty-five percent.
House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-22, Chicago) was a supporter of Edgar’s proposal, and the powerful Illinois House Speaker easily got the income tax increase passed in the House.
But before SB 645 could pass the Senate, TUA organized statewide opposition to the legislation alongside Bob Redfern and Dan Crane of the Illinois Forum. Senate Republicans would soon feel the pressure.
“Jim Edgar is trying to deceive the voters again, as he has quite frequently,” remarked Tobin. “And I hope more and more voters become aware that Jim Edgar is a big tax-raising governor, in the tradition of Jim Thompson, and toss him out of office next year – as well as every other member of the statehouse that votes for this tax increase plan.”
TUA’s Jim Tobin was the only person to testify against SB 645 in the Senate Revenue Committee on May 30, 1997. The legislation died in committee that very day.
Gov. Jim Edgar’s $1.6 billion school funding bill was introduced to curry favor with government teachers and administrators, not for the benefit of students or Illinois taxpayers.
Edgar would soon decide to retire after his second term as governor of Illinois, rather than run again for elected office.
Real reform was needed in 1997 – and real reform is still needed today.
Taxpayers United of America is here to fight for you.