Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn wants to raise your state income taxes up to 67%. He claims this is necessary to fill an $11.5 billion state budget gap. What he doesn’t say is that the state will receive $11.5 billion in federal stimulus funds, which would completely fill the gap.
Download our Stop the Income Tax Hike flyer to learn: what you won’t hear from the governor about the gold-plated pensions for local and state employees and ways you can stop government pensions from bankrupting our state.
Included on page 2 of the flyer is a list of the Illinois Top 100 Government Pension Payouts. Look for yourself to see just how lavish these government pensions are.
Download a printable copy of the flyer and share it with your friends, family, and neighbors.

  1. That’s Quinn for you. Always playing the education card. Poor, poor teachers. No cuts to any area of government – can’t do that. Only way to save the state is to raise taxes. I am just about ready to puke!
    If Brady were a little better candidate, and Cohen stayed in his pawn shop, we might not be in this situation. Quinn thinks that a 20k swing in votes means “the people have spoken”, and they want a tax increase. Hey Quinn, B.S.! Why don’t you read through some of the comments on this site. This is what the people want!
    If pensions made any financial sense, we would all have them. They are virtually non-existent in the private sector. We are tired of being soaked by government employees with these ridiculous benefits. Time to live in the real world. If this tax increase passes, please everyone remember this at the next election time. Things MUST AND WILL CHANGE!

  2. I don’t have much to say any more about the tax increase because Congress just signed it into law. This state is becoming more expensive by the year and the state has nothing to show for it. I live in Cook County and we have the nation’s highest sales tax. Why? Not even New York does, it just pisses me off, on what kind of job the capital is doing. I ahve barely enough money for expenses, now the state wants to take more. Because of this, I’m actually contemplating about moving to a different state, I won’t miss nothing about IL.