SPRINGFIELD— Two of the politicians supporting an increase in the Illinois income tax that will be pushed for in the General Assembly tomorrow have received massive contributions from Government Teacher Unions. With these teacher unions’ tax-raising incentive on their side, House Speaker and Chicago machine boss Michael Madigan (D-22, Chicago) and Illinois State Senator Larry Bomke (R-50, Springfield) are working together to make sure a tax increase happens.

Madigan has received $842,650 in Teacher Union Contributions and Bomke has received $157,351. To see the list of Teacher Union Political Contributions over $100,000, go to championnews.net.

Republican Sen. Bomke is one of six Springfield republican turncoats who plan to vote in favor of a 33%-42% income tax increase in order to fund the lavish pensions of suburban and downstate teachers and themselves.

Before Bomke votes in favor of any tax increase, “I strongly urge Illinois taxpayers to immediately call and ask him to vote against all bills that would raise taxes,” said NTUI President Jim Tobin, ” especially any bill that would raise the state income tax. If he votes in favor, it’ll strongly suggest that he has cut a deal with Madigan to increase Illinois taxes.”

Sen. Larry Bomke can be reached in Springfield at (217) 782-0228.

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  1. Do you have the full list of GOP legislators that may vote for the tax increases?

  2. Jim Tobin. You have my vote for Governor. You are the only one out there that gets it.