Tax Accountability endorsed GOP nominee for the 66th Illinois House seat, Skillicorn, wrote this article calling for the abolition of state legislative pensions.

While the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund investigates the McHenry County Board to determine if part-time county board members work a minimum of 1,000 hours to qualify for an IMRF pension, I want to remind readers that the Illinois General Assembly is also a part-time legislature. Saving taxpayers’ money is a priority for me, so while we discuss the pensions of 24 board members, I propose eliminating pensions for all 177 part-time state legislators for even bigger savings.
It’s parasitic and downright greedy for a politician to accept a pension at taxpayer expense. It’s no secret that politicians like House Speaker Mike Madigan voted for both pension sweeteners and pension holidays. It’s also no secret that Illinois pensions are underfunded. Unfortunately, the Illinois political class is afraid or unwilling to address the issue.
Effective immediately, all legislative pensions should be terminated; all new legislators should be enrolled in a self-funded retirement savings plan and all incumbent members should be transitioned out of their Tier 1 & 2 pensions. Since the general assembly has authority over it’s own compensation for future terms, there are no legal hurdles to eliminating these lucrative and self-serving legislative pensions.
How can lawmakers be taken seriously on pension reform, if they themselves are signed up to receive one? As a candidate for Illinois State Representative, I pledge to refuse a pension once elected. What’s more, I will introduce these reforms without delay.
Allen Skillicorn is the Republican nominee for the 66th Illinois House District race.