The following post at McHenry County Blog features TUA’s commentary on Chicago’s proposed traffic speed cameras.

October 27, 2011
A press release from Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America:


Chicago–The plan by the City of Chicago to install automated speed cameras in locations covering nearly half the city have nothing to do with protecting school children, but, rather, will be used to protect and bolster the lavish, gold-plated pensions of retired city government employees, according to the president of Taxpayers United of Illinois (TUA).

“On Wednesday, the State Senate approved this expansion of cameras in Chicago by a 32-24 vote, and now the legislation goes to the State House,” said Jim Tobin, TUA President.

“Senate President John Cullerton (D-6, Chicago) helped his Democratic buddy, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D), by pushing this legislation through the Senate, and now Chicago Machine Boss and House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-22, Chicago) will attempt to shepherd SB965 through the Illinois House.”

“This expansion of speed cameras has nothing to do with protecting school children,” said Tobin. “If the purpose were school safety, then the automatic speed cameras would be limited to school speed zones and cover no more than 10 percent of city streets.

“This is a blatant, cynical attempt to pour millions of dollars into city coffers at the expense of Chicago drivers to benefit greedy bureaucrats and city employees.”

“I urge Chicago Taxpayers to contact their State Representatives and urge them to vote against SB 965 passed by the Illinois Senate.”

Tobin, you may remember, asserted that the entire reason for the Democrats’ increasing the state income tax by 67% was to pay for state pensions. Since then, I have read similar analyses in mainstream media.
And, of course, you already know that as a retired state representative I received a state pension.