CHICAGO—“Mt. Prospect School Dist. 57 has put on the March 20 ballot a property tax increase that would raise property taxes $700 for an average Mr. Prospect homeowner,” said Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). “This enormous tax increase would pad the already high salaries of Dist. 57 teachers and administrators.”
“80% of Dist. 57 spending is for salaries and benefits of these government-school employees. The students would not see any substantial benefits, only these teachers and administrators.”
“Elaine Aumiller, the District 57 Superintendant, pulls in a fat base salary of $189,523, and her Assistant Superintendent gets a not-too-shabby salary of $149,215. They apparently feel they have a hard time getting by on these salaries.”
“A look at the top Dist. 57 government pensions shows how these high salaries affect their eventual pensions. Lois Andrews retired at age 60 and gets an annual pension of $149,647. Over an expected normal lifespan, she will have pulled in a total of $4,135,892.”
“Earl Sutter retired at the ripe old age of 59 and gets an annual pension of $146,462. His estimated lifetime pension payout is $2,728,132.”
“In the meantime, the average annual Social Security pension for taxpayers is about $15,000.”
“Dist. 57 taxpayers already are funding fat salaries for these government-school teachers and bureaucrats. They should send a message by voting ‘No’ on March 20.”
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