LAKE COUNTY–A new report by the Illinois Taxpayers Education Foundation reveals that many Lake County retired government employees receive lavish, gold-plated pensions that far exceed average annual wages of workers in the private sector.
“These outrageous government-employee pensions are bankrupting the state pension funds,” said Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI). “Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) just raised the state personal income tax 67% to pump taxpayer dollars into the state’s floundering pension programs.”

“Those receiving the largest annual pensions are retired government-school educators,” said Tobin. “Lake County’s retired public school teachers in the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) are really raking it in. The largest annual TRS pension goes to Maureen Hager, formerly of North Shore SD 112, whose annual pension is $231,702 — $19,308 a month. James Hintz, formerly of Adlai Stevenson HSD 125, receives a monthly pension of $16,787, making his annual pension $201,444. Dennis R. Conti, formerly of Woodland CCSD 50, receives an annual pension of $200,277, that comes out to $16,689 a month.”
“Retired Lake County Community College teachers are doing very well. The top annual pension goes to Russell Peterson, who received $191,154 — $15,929 a month. Peter Krupczak received $186,570 — $15,547 a month. And Gretchen Naff receives $15,302 a month, bringing her annual pension to $183,625.”
“These retired government employees are sucking the system dry. But there is no need to raise the state income tax or cut government services. Three crucial reforms can save the system and spare Illinois taxpayers. First, new government hires should be required to fund their own retirements with 401(k) plans. Ending pensions for new government hires will eventually eliminate unfunded government pensions.”
“Second, in Illinois, if each current state pension fund employee were required to contribute an additional 10% to his or her pension, taxpayers would save over $150 billion over the next 35 years. And finally, requiring Illinois public employees to pay for one-half of their health care premiums would save even more – an estimated $230 billion over current projections.”
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  1. what can i do to change this type of outrageous tax hikes by our elected officials

    • First of all, your enthusiasm is exactly what Illinois needs to start changing the corrupt manner in which this state is run.
      For starters, I suggest you become a member or renew your membership with National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI). Also, I recommend you attend the next Illinois Forum where I’ll be speaking at 1:30pm. It will be held on Sunday, January 30, at 1:30pm, with an optional lunch at noon, in the meeting room at the Red Wheel Restaurant in Rantoul, IL. Take exit 250 interstate 57 to Red Wheel Restaurant on Illinois 136. Their phone number is 217-893-0471.

  2. The people, that received these pensions should not be held liable. It is the cowardly government officials who would not stand up to greedy union demands. It is human nature to take the most possible.
    I worked for 28 years in the steel industry and have a pension of $6000 yr. Private industry no longer has pensions. If you must have a pension, it should be modeled after the IMRF pension. That is at least reasonable.