Findings from TUA’s pension project on Greensboro, North Carolina, are featured in this article from News & Record.
An organization called Taxpayers United for America says state and local governments should reform their employee pension plans or face financial trouble down the road.
It has provided information on pensions paid to local retired public employees.
The biggest beneficiary in Guilford County apparently is recently retired school administrator Sharon Ozment, whose annual pension is $133,765. She retired at age 56.
Next is former Greensboro City Manager Ed Kitchen, $114,993.
Then former Superintendent Terry Grier, $114,673.
Then former schools administrator Mel Swann, $109,029.
Other notables include, for the city of Greensboro:
Former City Attorney Linda Miles, $97,603
Former Police Chief Tim Bellamy, $89,307.
Former City Manager Mitch Johnson, $81,931.
Former Police Chief David Wray, $71,855.
For Guilford County:
Former County Manager Roger Cotten, $104,218
Former Sheriff Walter “Sticky” Burch, $84,268.
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