January 9, 2017
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Chicago, IL – Some Illinois lawmakers are hoping to end the state’s 18-month budget stalemate when they return to Springfield today for a two-day lame-duck session, but raising the Illinois state income tax by $4 billion is not a winning proposal for anyone, especially taxpayers.
Taxpayers should demand legislators reject a new personal income tax hike,” said Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America. “Not only is a $4 billion income tax increase unwise and unnecessary, considering how much money the state already confiscates from hard-working taxpayers, but to try to push this proposal through the Illinois General Assembly with so little time during the two-day lame-duck session is ridiculous.”
The full details have not yet been released, but according to Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-32, McHenry), the deal was shaping up over the weekend between talks with Democratic Senate President John Cullerton and GOP Leader Sen. Christine Radogno.
The proposal includes raising Illinois’ personal income tax to nearly 5 percent from its current rate of 3.75 percent in exchange for a temporary property tax freeze, overhauling the state’s government pension system and changes to workers’ compensation; items Gov. Bruce Rauner has placed at the top of his Turnaround Agenda.
“We support freezing and rolling back property taxes, as well as significantly reforming the government pensions and workers’ compensation, but not at the cost of another economically disastrous $4 billion income tax hike,” said Tobin.
“Lawmakers should refrain from last minute agreements and instead allow the new Illinois General Assembly to take up the matter as soon as they are sworn in. Taxpayers must demand their legislators hear their pleas for tax relief and vote accordingly. Illinois’ taxpayers cannot afford yet another state income tax hike and we urge all members of the Illinois General Assembly to reject it,” said Tobin.
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