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Judge Rita Novak, of the Cook County Circuit Court, granted Lisa Madigan’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit that would have stopped the January 1st toll/tax increase.
The suit, brought by Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America, (“TUA”), also sought Court declarations that the Tollway Authority is required by law to convert all toll highways to freeways, and to dissolve itself. Lisa Madigan had those parts of the lawsuit also dismissed.
Many have called the TUA offices to join the class action against the Tollway. “Everyone knows, except Lisa Madigan, that we were supposed to be toll free in 1973,” Jim Tobin said.
Madigan’s “gift” comes on top of the news that the typical American family will have spent $4,155 filling up the car this year, which is a record.
Madigan’s “gift” also comes at a time when unemployment in Illinois is 10%. Just how hard the 90% toll tax increase will hit struggling Illinois families and businesses, remains to be seen.
The plaintiffs were given permission to file an amended complaint within 28 days. Alternatively, they could appeal within 30 days. The next court date, to advise the Judge which route the plaintiffs have chosen, is set for February 7, 2012 at 10:00a.m. in Room 2402 of the Richard J. Daley Center.
See you in court on February 7th!

  1. Mr. Tobin please fight this outrageous increase. I currently pay six daily tolls which equals $633.00 per year. After Jan 1, my tolls jump to $1,188.00 per year. I’m one of the lucky ones who have a job, but the State of Illinois, corrupt as it’s past is, keeps stabbing us more and more. Oh my fuel bill is $3,120.00 just going to work. When I read about the unjust high pensions in Illinois and the free tolls for workers, I wonder how long Illinois will be in a viable place to live.
    In the meantime, Mannheim/LaGrange Road here I come!

  2. I commute from Rockford to Elk Grove and currently spend $2.10 in tolls everyday that is $10.50 per week this rate hike will mean I will pay 3.90 per day or 19.50 per week, this is a significant change and one that I don’t feel is justified. I would like to know how we can continue to support politicians that don’t support us, how can we continue to live in a state that puts more and more pressure on us in a bad economy, imagine what they would want if the economy were booming!