Taxpayers United of America’s (TUA) recent TRS & SERS pension data analysis was mentioned by Northwest Herald.

In recent weeks, Taxpayers United of America has released it top 200 list of Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and Illinois Teacher’s Retirement System pensioners.

 On Thursday, it released its top 200 Illinois State Employees’ Retirement System pensioners.
Some highlights, or lowlights rather, from the list:
• Every annual pension on the list exceeds $118,000;
• 880 people collect pensions in excess of $100,000;
• The average estimated lifetime pension payout is $1,038,456;
• In fiscal 2015, taxpayers paid $1,804,319,356 into the government pension fund;
• In contrast, in fiscal 2015, SERS government employees paid $266,139,156 into their own pension fund;

• Sadashiv D. Parwatikar, retired from Chester Mental Health Center, has the highest annual pension at $207,623. To date, Parwatikar has collected $2,207,725 in pension. He contributed only $121,041;
• Kamal Modir, retired from the Singer Mental Health Center, tops the list for the most pension collected to date: $2,652,929. He paid $101,605 into his pension.