Taxpayers United of America’s President, Jim Tobin, was quoted by the Northwest Herald about his speech on May 11th about “Home Rule is Home Ruin”

WOODSTOCK – In response to a special census that could result in Woodstock’s recognized population growing above 25,000 and giving the city home-rule status, a taxpayer advocacy group will give a presentation about the effect home rule could have on the community.
Taxpayers United of America President Jim Tobin will present “Home Rule is Home Ruin” at 7 p.m. May 11 at the Woodstock Public Library, 414 W. Judd St. The presentation will examine what changes home rule brings and how they affect local taxpayers.
The home rule designation gives local government more control over matters ranging from taxation to licensing to regulating the protection of the public health, according to the Illinois Constitution.
Voters in Action requested Tobin’s presentation, said Joe Tirio, founder and Republican candidate for McHenry County recorder. The group has become a vocal critic of home rule based on its effect on the city’s ability to create and raise taxes.
“Given that dramatic change, we felt it was important to bring this to the residents,” Tirio said.
Woodstock city officials have responded to concerns by saying it would be irresponsible of them to not take advantage of getting the extra $151 in shared state revenue per person for the city, and that the city has a history of keeping taxes low for residents by not taking the property tax extension limitation law.