Jim Tobin Speaking To Reporters In Peoria

Peoria – NTUI President Jim Tobin held a press conference in Peoria on May 26, 2009 to oppose Gov. Quinn’s tax increases.  The Conference was covered by 2 TV networks, as well as the Peoria Journal-Star.  This conference comes fresh on the heels of our most well-attended Quad Cities conference in over 30 years!

Click here to view the article in the Peoria Journal Star

Click here to read about NTUI’s Moline press conference

  1. Look… I have known for years, that all this tripe about more money was simply that… TRIPE. Unless kids come to school to learn, there is almost nothing going to improve education. And money is the last thing that when given to teachers is going to change anything. Teachers can’t force students to open their minds and learn. Kids either come to school to learn or they come to school to kill time. THAT’S IT!!!
    So I am fed up with the “money for teachers” propaganda. And to see the huge sums of money already being paid teachers sickens me, but yet our nit-wit politicians are still using the “money for teacher” solution.
    I barely recognize this Country anymore… the things that pass as facts, the things that are considered PC, the things we allow to degrade and defile our culture, have tipped the scales in favor of “anything goes” and “success is ridiculed” and if possible the fruits are stolen.
    I am speechless… so these days I largely just roll my eyes and shake my head at the BIZARRO world I feel America has become.

  2. I heard your message on the radio radio and wondering where your getting your info.I’m a retired state employee from Dept of Corrections where I put in 25 years working inside a prison and you know what I get as pension? $21500.00 Listen you bunch of lieing nassholes. I know alot of retirees and some had high rank and no one has a pension anywhere near what your claiming. Quit lieing to the public and start telling the whole truth instead of what you think taxpayers want to hear.

  3. As is the case in most political rants for the raising of taxes, there is no justification for raising taxes. This is becoming the procedure for everyone. Why don’t we spend 5 cents a month per taxpayer and hire an independent agency to determine if teachers need additional money. When all is said and done, teachers are employees, just like me and just like you. Where is my increase, where is yours?

  4. I don’t like paying increased taxes either, but I at least recognize that those of us not earning millions in entertainment are all going through some rough times, and that job furloughs, increased taxes, and maybe increased taxes on say, bullets and bottled water couldn’t hurt.
    Jim Tobin says get rid of state troopers? Calls them glorified Keystone Cops. Maybe we should also tax what he’s smoking.