On Thursday, May 27, we mailed 90 of our members in the city of Lockport regarding a June 2 vote to establish a new municipal tax on electric and gas utilities. Included in this mailing was a letter to the editorial department of the Joliet Herald News by Lockport resident and NTUI member Bill King, which outlined the dangers of such a tax increase during these tough economic times.

If passed, the utility tax could have cost Lockport households as much as $500 dollars a year, and a proposed water tax increase would have meant an additional $500.
Going into the vote, the city council was split down the middle on the prospect of the utility tax. But come June 2, it was unanimously defeated–in part, we believe, because 100 taxpayers showed up at the city council meeting to voice their opposition.
We at NTUI are proud to have contributed to the defeat of yet another tax increase that would have economically crippled taxpayers while lining the pockets of greedy politicians. This is just one of the many services we provide for our members. Now let us work for you. If there is a proposed tax increase in your area, don’t hesitate to contact our office. Together with the aid of our 30,000 members and supporters, we can make a difference like we did in Lockport!
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  1. Great work! Keep it up!