Chicago taxpayers increasingly are turning against hosting the 2016 Olympic Games in their city as they become aware of the unlimited financial exposure agreed to by head cheerleader, Mayor Richard M. “Richie” Daley (D). Reportedly, the opposition has grown to the point that the Chicago Olympic Committee asked FOX-TV News Chicago not to run a report about taxpayer opposition to holding the games in Chicago. The station’s news director reportedly ordered his staff to kill the report after the report aired once last Thursday morning.

The committee was concerned that the broadcast “would harm Chicago’s chances” to be awarded the games, according to the Drudge Report.
“Were the financial risks not so great, this would be a soap-opera comedy,” said Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI). “Showing that they have a sense of humor despite the serious financial risks, some taxpayers have formed Chicagoans for Rio, supporting Rio’s bid for the games. This was the report killed by FOX-TV News Chicago.”
“Members of another organization, No Games Chicago, are travelling to Copenhagen to oppose Chicago’s bid. I wish NTUI staffers had the time to accompany them. We certainly support their efforts.”
“Richie Daley wants to do something big to cement his ‘legacy.’ Unfortunately, if he succeeds, his legacy will be up to $40 billion sucked from the wallets of Chicago and Illinois taxpayers to bail out the 2016 Olympics.”
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