TUA’s Jared Labell was quoted by The State Journal-Register about battling the state’s pension crisis, during the pension release of Springfield and Sangamon County.

The director of a conservative fiscal policy interest group thinks he has a plan to shore up Illinois’ pension woes. featsjr
Taxpayers United of America Director of Operations Jared Labell said in a Statehouse news conference Tuesday his group has a three-point strategy to battling the state’s pension crisis: a constitutional amendment to address guaranteed pensions, requiring workers to pay 10 percent more into the system and passing legislation allowing municipalities to declare bankruptcy.
Labell said only 5 percent of Illinois residents collect a state pension but was against taxing retirement income. He said his group is against any form of tax increase.
“I’d be hard pressed to say which tax is worse than another, but in general lowering taxes is good and limiting spending has to be a goal,” he said.