CHICAGO–So-called “reformers,” Gov. Patrick Quinn (D) and Illinois Comptroller Daniel Hynes (D), are masterminding drives to invalidate petition signatures of other independent Democrats who have turned in the required number of signatures to appear on the Feb. 2, 2010, Democratic gubernatorial primary, charged Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI).

“By attempting to knock William “Dock” Walls, III off the ballot, Gov. Quinn displays racial prejudice by targeting Walls over all the other gubernatorial candidates. Quinn believes he is superior to the only African American candidate for Governor. This should infuriate the African-American community of Illinois.”
“Walls submitted over 9,400 signatures, far more than the 5,000 signatures needed to run for Governor. Quinn’s Cronies challenged a large number of signatures with no legal justification. An army of petition checkers flooded the Board of Elections, often refusing to talk to reporters on the scene because they were government employees working for ‘reformer’ Quinn.”
“According to the Board of Elections hearing examiner, Walls is supposedly short the required number of valid signatures by less than a dozen.”
“In addition to Quinn’s Cronies, we also have Hynes’ Hacks, who are working hard to keep independent Democratic candidate Ed Scanlan off the Feb. 2, 2010, ballot. Hynes’ Hacks are exploiting every trick to invalidate Scanlan’s 10,000 signatures, including using government employees to challenge the signatures.”
“The Illinois challenge process is inherently corrupt and a disgrace, favoring establishment candidates and placing independent candidates, regardless of party, at a disadvantage,” said Tobin. “Quinn and Hynes are the problem. They are corrupt and rotten to the core.”
“Two-thirds of the states require only a filing fee to run for office,” said Tobin. “Illinois should follow suit and eliminate the requirement for petition signatures. That would reform Illinois politics more than anything else.”
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Defending Signatures
Jim Tobin and William “Dock” Walls, III defend signatures

  1. So Quinn and Hynes identical efforts at political cockblocking are called into question- but Quinn is a racist?
    Slander at it’s finest.
    IF Dock’s signatures were valid, why then were so many of them removed?

  2. Quinn’s patronage drones knocked the only African-American candidate, Dock Walls, off the Gubernatorial ballot—not Hynes.
    Quinn has not confirmed to appear at the Gubernatorial debate at the University of Chicago at 7:00PM this Wednesday, January 27.
    Maybe that is because Quinn knows Dock Walls will be at the debate. Is Quinn afraid to face the man he ruthlessly knocked off the ballot in public? Might be a bad photo-op for him.