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“SJRCA 11 is really a tax increase amendment to the Illinois Constitution that would cripple Illinois’ economy and make Illinois even more uncompetitive with respect to surrounding states,” said Jim Tobin, economist and president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).

As the Illinois Chamber of commerce put it,

This proposed legislation will deal yet another blow to Illinois’ crumbling reputation as a place to do business…This legislation will force many Illinois employers and national firms to question whether Illinois’ business climate is redeemable at all. The amendment specifically bars laws or ordinances that interfere with agreements that require union membership ‘as a condition of employment.’ As is so often the case, this proposal flies in the face of national trends that have resulted in 27 Right to Work states. Illinois is nearly surrounded by Right to Work states.

The chamber’s statement pointed out that unions contributed $15.1 million to the campaigns of Illinois lawmakers who put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to make union powers permanent.

“…This amendment, Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 11, would permanently raise the cost of government services…It would give unelected union bosses–through the government leaders their political contributions elect – much greater power over what happens in Springfield than taxpayers have.”

The statement concludes,

If SJRCA 11 becomes permanently enshrined into Illinois’ constitution, the state’s labor market performance will continue to lag. SJRCA 11 creates a protected class of public sector unions at the expense of everyone else, especially job seekers.

Illinois already has some of the most unfair laws in the region when it comes to negotiating with government worker unions. That, in turn, drives up the cost of government services.