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CHICAGO–Taxpayers United of America (TUA) President Jim Tobin called Tuesday’s hearing of his lawsuit against the Illinois Tollway Authority a “spectacle,” and labeled Judge Rita Novak’s decision yesterday rejecting an attempt to block the 90% percent tollway tax hike scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1 a “callous, politically-driven decision.”
“Novak essentially gave tollway customers, as well as the law, no consideration,” said Tobin.
Novak dismissed a lawsuit challenging the tollway’s authority to raise tolls.
“The hearing was a spectacle,” said Tobin. “Tollway users were represented by noted attorney Andrew Spiegel, and State Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D) must have been worried, because she had six — that’s right — six of her taxpayer paid staff there to represent the Tollway Authority.”
Attorney General Lisa Madigan is the daughter of powerful Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan (D-22, Chicago).
“This is a blatant case of capitalist cronyism,” said Tobin. “Overpaid tollway bureaucrats collect $100,000-plus salaries each year from tollway fees. When they retire, they continue to suck dollars from the floundering State retirement system. Michael Madigan’s House Democrats voted for the huge 67% state income tax increase this year, all of which is going into the State retirement system that is making many retired government employees rich.”
“The government in Springfield needs a thorough housecleaning. Voters should throw all Springfield incumbents from office, and then pay particular attention to the officeholders who play along or encourage this kind of corruption.”
Tobin plans to appeal Novak’s ruling on February 7, 2012.

  1. Please send me information on how I can help get rid of the unfair toll/tax for using our highway in Illinois. Russ Johnson

  2. This increase is absolutely ridiculous. Let’s use the Internet to put a stop to Illinois wasteful politics at our expense. Is there a petition that we should circulate? How else can we demonstrate that the majority of voters want our voice heard.