Chicago – Tax Accountability (TA), the political action arm of Taxpayers United of America, urges taxpayers to Vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. State and local races are the most critical where your vote always makes a difference.
“While many believe that the presidential election is rigged and that your vote doesn’t really matter, the same is never said of state and local races,” said Jim Tobin, Chairman of TA. “State and local issues have a profound and immediate effect on our day to day lives and every vote is important.”
“We support a fine group of candidates in various races that are committed to lowering our tax burden. Each incumbent candidate has a solid record of voting in favor of taxpayers and all the new candidates have a history of fighting for taxpayers and against the Illinois Machine that has no regard for taxpayers. A vote for any of these contenders is a vote for your own good.”

  • Dan Patlak – Cook County Board of Review, 1st District
  • Joe Tirio – McHenry County Recorder
  • Tom Wilbeck – McHenry County Board District 1st
  • Craig Wilcox – McHenry County Board District 4th
  • Victor C. Horne – IL State Rep 35th District
  • Jeanne M. Ives – IL State Rep 42nd District
  • Steven Reick – IL State Rep 63rd District
  • Allen Skillicorn – IL State Rep 66th District
  • Dan Swanson – IL State Rep 74th District
  • Randy Hultgren – US House Rep IL 14th District

“Another necessary NO vote is against the Safe Roads Amendment,” said Tobin. “This measure has nothing to do with safe roads and everything to do with siphoning taxpayer money into government and union power brokers’ coffers. Vote out the incumbents you don’t trust to spend your tax dollars appropriately, rather than approving an amendment that ties the hands of lawmakers and ensures rich payouts to union thugs and greedy government contractors.”
“Across the state are hundreds of referenda that seek to steal even more of your hard-earned money. Check the link below to see if any of these apply to you. If you vote for nothing else, vote NO on any tax-increase referenda.”
Tuesday, November 8, 2016 General Election Referenda