Chicago – Jim Tobin, President of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI), spoke out today against HB1702, a bill currently awaiting approval in the state house, which would drastically increase the cost of Illinois’ already over-burdened pension system.
“HB 1702 would provide lavish pension benefits for all tollway employees, including state auto mechanics and body shop workers, sign hangers and tollway messengers”, said Tobin.  “HB 1702 will allow Illinois tollway employees to retire with 25 years of service at age 50, receiving up to 80% of their salary, subject to annual cost of living increases.  Under this formula, over a normal lifespan, the retired tollway employee receives over $1 million in total pension benefits.”
“Additionally, if this bill is passed, it would enlarge the patronage army that is pushing for a 67 percent increase in the state personal income tax!”
HB 1702 already has been passed by the state senate. Now there are reports that there will be a push to pass the bill in the state house during the current session.  House sponsors include Rep. Robert Pritchard (R-70, Sycamore), Rep. Raymond Poe (R-99, Springfield) and Rep. Carolyn Krause (R-66, Mt. Prospect).
Tobin concluded, “The idea that legislators would try to pass this sort of pork in the midst of a recession and a state scandal, should outrage every citizen of Illinois.”
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  1. Why is this not on the front page of every newspaper in Illinois?
    I intend to contact the Daily Herald and the Chicago Tribune in duPage Co. about this today.
    Can you provide me with the names of those in the IL senate who sponsored this and voted for it?