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Taxpayers United of America (TUA) is opposing the huge property tax increase sponsored by Barrington Community Unit School District Number 220, which will appear on the March 17, 2020 Ballot.

“Barrington SD 220 bureaucrats keep trying, year after year, to pass huge property tax increases,” said Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). “We have helped taxpayers in this school district defeat property tax increase referenda in the past, and we will help defeat this referendum.”

“SD 220 Bureaucrats want to burden SD 220 taxpayers with a huge debt of $147,000,000. They claimed in 2019 that they ‘only’ needed $5.3 million for safety & security when they didn’t even maintain an annual budget for Safety and Security! Now they are trying to scam SD 220 taxpayers again.”

“SD 220 has had a steady and consistent decline in enrollment over the last several years, but this has not stopped the lavish, gold-plated pension payments of retired SD 220 teachers and bureaucrats.

“For example, Tom Leonard retired from SD 220 at age 58. His current annual pension is an astounding $225,687. His estimated lifetime pension payout is an astronomical $7,825,118.”

“Edward DeYoung, who retired from SD 220 and retired at 59 likewise receives a huge pension from taxpayers. His current annual pension is an astonishing $178,444. His estimated lifetime pension payout is $4,240,825.”

“80% of local taxes are for salaries and benefits of government employees. A shrinking school district like SD 220 does not need an additional $147,000,000.”

Since 1977 we have defeated 432 property tax increase referenda, and we will help taxpayers in SD 220 defeat this $147,000,000 property tax increase on March 17.”