Taxpayers Oppose Three New Home Rule Referendums

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Chicago – Jim Tobin, President of Taxpayers United of America’s (TUA), today stated that opposing Home Rule is crucial for residents concerned with their skyrocketing property taxes.
“In the upcoming March elections, wealthy government bureaucrats want voters to approve Home Rule for their communities,” said Tobin. “Home Rule is a disaster. It gives unlimited taxing authority to local bureaucrats to fund their lavish, gold plated pensions. Illinois is broke, because of an unsustainable pension system. Taxpayers must reject Home Rule on the March 20 ballot.”
TUA is helping local supporters oppose three home rule referendums on the ballot in March: Homewood, East Dundee, and Rockford. TUA helped repeal home rule in the City of Rockford in 1983, the largest community to have home rule repealed. Now TUA is back to help preserve the rights of taxpayers in these three municipalities.
Click below to access printable versions of the flyers for Rockford, Homewood, and East Dundee.

Tobin emphasizes that Home Rule always means higher taxes.
“Home Rule means, literally, unlimited taxing power,” said Tobin. “A home rule municipality can create just about any tax under the sun and raise taxes without limit.”
“I call it ‘Home Ruin.’ Why would anyone want to give up the right to vote on property tax increases?”
“Home Rule removes the cap limiting the amount that bureaucrats can increase property taxes. It gives bureaucrats a blank check. How many government bureaucrats would you trust with a blank check bearing your signature?” Home Rule drives consumers to neighboring communities where the taxes on products and services are lower.”