“Safe Roads” Amendment Unsafe for Illinois Taxpayers

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Chicago – “Safe Roads Amendment” sounds so good. Who could possibly vote against it? However, the measure would be more aptly named, “Safe Revenue for Contractors and Unions” or “The Tax Increase Amendment,” stated Jim Tobin.
“Proponents of the amendment see this as a way to increase taxes to benefit their cronies. Former Illinois legislator and union crony, Jim Reilly openly states that this amendment will make it easier to raise taxes!”
“This amendment would also provide yet another constitutionally protected siphoning of taxpayer wealth for the benefit of special interests — the special interests that continually contribute funds to reelect the very legislators who seemingly can’t be trusted to spend tax dollars appropriately,” added the Taxpayers United of America president.
“Union bosses and contractors are drooling at the thought of a steady revenue stream protected by the Constitution. I can see driving across beautiful roads while the rest of the state is falling in ruin around us. Without an emergency release of this designation of taxes, funds could never be used where a greater need may exist.”
“A better solution would be to fire the lawmakers you don’t trust by voting them out of office.
The purpose of the Constitution is not to protect select groups of individuals, like the government employees and their pensions, but to protect the taxpayers from out-of-control government.”
“I strongly urge Illinois taxpayers to recognize this amendment for what it is: cronyism in its worst form, approved by the many to benefit a few, through additional tax increases, and packaged as a taxpayer benefit. On November 8, Vote “NO” on the proposed Tax Increase Amendment.”
“Fire about 80% of the incumbent lawmakers and hire people you trust to spend our money more wisely, lawmakers that will put seriously helpful amendments on the ballot,” urged Tobin.
“Illinois’ finances are among the worst in the country largely due to government-employee pensions. Where is the amendment that would protect taxpayers from this inevitable catastrophe? Where is the amendment that would limit the terms of the General Assembly, thereby limiting their power and indebtedness to special interests? Where is the amendment that prevents politically motivated district maps or gerrymandering?”
“Illinois has real financial problems and this amendment will not help, but instead will drive us further into financial ruin,” concluded Tobin.