Tax Accountability Endorses Jeanne Ives in Illinois’ GOP Gubernatorial Primary

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Chicago – Tax Accountability (TA) has announced its endorsement of Representative Jeanne Ives for the March 20, 2018 GOP primary election.
“I am proud to announce the endorsement of such a qualified candidate in this critical race,” said Jim Tobin, Chairman of TA.
Representative Ives (R-42) has an impeccable tax voting record. During her tenure in the Illinois House, she as always ranked as a taxpayer friend in Taxpayers United of America’s tax survey. Astoundingly, she is also the first to receive a perfect 100% in the past 34 years .
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If that were not enough, Representative Ives has expressed a commitment to oppose the income tax increase amendment, which is a graduated income tax increase for Illinois. She has also pledged to support economic freedom by working to decrease the overall tax burden of Illinois taxpayers. Her commitment to these positions is the same as the mission of Tax Accountability: restoring economic freedom to Illinois.
“2018 will be a pivotal year for Illinois. Taxpayers are fed up with the corruption, cronyism, and abuse they have suffered at the hands of a long list of career politicians who see Illinois taxpayers as the source of their own personal wealth. The time is right. She has what it takes to win and to lead Illinois back to a vibrant, prosperous, and free economy.”