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Click here to view our Westchester Vote No Home Rule Flier.

Westchester- Taxpayers handed out flyers in the Village of Westchester yesterday, informing voters of the dangers of Home Rule. 

“Its been a tough fight, but I am confident in a taxpayer victory in Westchester,” said Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). “Every report I get shows residents fed up with taxes, and unwilling to deal with any more tax increases.”

“Home Rule is the mechanism bureaucrats use to unleash a flood of taxes on taxpayers. Home Rule removes Property Tax Caps non-Home Rule municipalities have, removes the right taxpayers have to vote on tax increases, and allows local politicians to create new taxes.”

“Moreover, we will start seeing municipalities begin to implement their own income taxes,” said Tobin. “The greedy bureaucrats in Chicago have found a way to use Home Rule to steal even more taxpayer money. If Chicago successfully lobbies Springfield for this power, it will allow every Home Rule municipality to pass an income tax.” “Thankfully, taxpayers are waking up to the heavy tax burden they pay to subsidize lavish government employee lifestyles. I am confident the majority of taxpayers will reject Home Rule on March 17, and will hold firm on any future tax increases like Gov. Pritzker’s Income Increase Amendment. This is the year taxpayers tell the tax thieves enough is enough.”