CHICAGO—”Tax Accountability has endorsed Lex Green (L) for Illinois Governor in the November 2 election,” announced Jim Tobin, President of Tax Accountability, the political action arm of National Taxpayers United of Illinois.

“Lex Green signed our Taxpayer Protection Pledge, in which he promised, ‘I pledge to the taxpayers of Illinois that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.’ He deserves the support if Illinois voters on November 2.”

“In addition, Lex Green opposes an Illinois graduated income tax, and opposes restoration of the Illinois estate or ‘death’ tax, which expired in December 2009.”

“Lex Green supports reforming Illinois’ corrupt and floundering pension system for Illinois employees. New government hires should fund their own retirements with 401(k) plans, and present employees should contribute an additional 5-10% toward their pensions, reducing significantly the unfunded portion of pension funds.”

“Lex Green supports the Illinois Tax Accountability Amendment, which would require a 66% vote in both chambers of the Illinois General Assembly to raise taxes, and require two weeks prior notice and public hearings before tax increases can be voted on.”

“Finally, Lex Green supports the Illinois Tax Freedom Amendment, which would allow taxpayers to roll back taxes via referenda, and require 66% of voters to approve any new local taxes or tax increases.”

“Lex Green is precisely the person Illinois taxpayers need as Governor, and I am pleased to endorse him on behalf of Tax Accountability.”

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