View as PDF Chicago — The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is likely to strike on Tuesday because of the failure of protracted contract negotiations, but disgruntled government union members will not be alone in airing their grievances in the city this week.
On Wednesday, October 12 at noon, a grassroots coalition of taxpayers called the Illinois Tax Revolution will converge on the James R. Thompson Center in downtown Chicago to protest rising property taxes that are increasingly making Illinois uninhabitable for average residents.
The Illinois Tax Revolution is a growing movement of taxpayers concerned about the destruction of Illinois’ communities and economy through skyrocketing property taxes and overly burdensome tax policies.
“Property taxes burden Illinois residents far more than either income or sales taxes, outpacing both by billions of dollars,” said Jared Labell, executive director of Taxpayers United of America (TUA). “While we are opposed to all of these taxes and any proposed increases, data shows that the property tax hikes are impacting average residents the most, but you don’t need studies to discover that’s the case – just ask your friends and neighbors.”
“Illinoisans’ residential property-tax burden has risen by 76 percent in the last quarter-century. In the span of just a few decades, residential taxpayers now pay more than two-thirds of all property taxes in Illinois, which has the second-highest residential property taxes in the country.”
“Considering Chicago’s historic property-tax hike last fall and other subsequent tax increases, Illinois will soon most likely overtake New Jersey to become the state with the country’s highest property taxes.”
“TUA supports the Illinois Tax Revolution and champions the plight of Illinois’ taxpayers. We are committed to continuing these actions for as long as Illinois politicians threaten our homes and prosperity with devastating property taxes and burdensome tax policies,” said Labell.
“The Illinois General Assembly must rollback property taxes immediately. If you own a home in Illinois for forty years, you effectively pay for it twice – once to purchase the home and then once again to pay the property taxes. It is absolutely absurd.”
“In 1977, TUA’s founder and president, Jim Tobin, led the only successful property tax strike in modern Illinois history. Nearly forty years later, it looks like the time has come for another taxpayer revolt, but this time it will spread far beyond Cook county and the collar counties. We welcome taxpayers to join us in this fight to save our homes, our communities, and our prosperity,” said Labell.
“I urge taxpayers to join us at the Thompson Center in Chicago this Wednesday. As union members and government teachers strike and protest downtown for an even larger share of your property taxes, it is critical for taxpayers to take a stand and simply say ‘NO.’”
WHEN: October 12, 2016, Noon
WHERE: James R. Thompson Center, 100 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601