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Barbara Flynn Currie, Democrat from the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, was a Madigan lapdog from January 1979 to her taxpayer subsidized retirement at the end of the 2018 legislative year.

“Barbara F. Currie was horrible for taxpayers,” said Jim Tobin, president of TUA. “There was never a year that she acted in the interest of taxpayers, and I have her voting record to prove it.”

“Take for example Barbara’s term during the 95th Illinois General Assembly. She voted for HJRCA42, which would have doubled the income tax for high earners and paved the way for other tax increases.”

“She also voted for HB656, remembered as the great CTA bailout. At time of passing, it was set to all the Chicago Transit Authority raise taxes by $550 million without local referendum. It raised sales taxes from where they were by 200% in the collar counties, and 25% in cook county. It also raised Chicago’s real estate transfer tax by 40%, then the highest for its kind for such a large city.”

“The same year, Barbara voted for SB837, Chicago’ 911 surcharge tax. The tax at the time doubled the tax surcharge for 911 calls placed in the city from $1.25 to $2.50. It was designed at the time to rake in $8 million from taxpayers to fund non-infrastructure projects and vague ‘anti-terror’ projects. Take a guess how all that turned out?”

“As a reward for a career dedicated to stealing from taxpayers, Barbara Flynn Currie receives a General Assembly Retirement System, pension subsidized by taxpayers of an estimated $129,957 a year. This amount will grow at a compounded rate of 3% every year so long as she is eligible for the pension.”

“Barbara Flynn Currie is not the only government pension millionaire on the list,” said Tobin. “There are plenty of pension millionaires, and I am going to put a spotlight on all of them. If taxpayers would like to view the latest annual report on Illinois pensions, there is a link to it on our website.”