CHICAGO–The president of Illinois’ largest taxpayer organization today endorsed holding an Illinois State Constitutional Convention (“Con-Con”). The measure will appear on the November 4 statewide ballot to be approved or rejected by Illinois voters. “In this November’s election, we will have the opportunity for the first time in 20 years to strike a blow for Illinois Taxpayers and against out-of-control state spending and taxation,” said Jim Tobin, president of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI). The Illinois Constitution mandates that the option of holding a constitutional convention be presented to Illinois voters every 20 years.” “We won’t have this opportunity again until 2028. A Constitutional Convention will enable us to get on with the business of cleaning up the cesspool we call ‘Illinois government.’ A Yes vote for a convention will allow Illinois voters to constitutionally limit spending and make it tougher for government to raise taxes,” said Tobin. “An added benefit is that Con-Con would delay, for several years, attempts by the public school lobbies to pass a 67% increase in the state’s income tax, because a new Constitution must be ratified in the November 2010 election,” said Tobin. “No wonder the Illinois Federation of Teachers urges a ‘No’ vote on Con-Con. That’s why they declared: ‘…the state must do more to fund public education…if the question of how to adequately fund schools is deferred to Con-Con delegates, the effect could be a further delay in finding a solution, possibly for several more years.’ When they say ‘solution,’ they mean a 67% increase in our state personal income tax.” “There are other important subjects that could be addressed at a constitutional convention: extensive reform of government employee pension plans; real property tax relief; expanding tuition tax credits; legislative redistricting; recall of elected officials; and election reform.” “The time to reform Illinois government is now, and a State Constitutional Convention is the best way to do it.” Click here for the News Release.
Update! Oct. 21, 2008.  NTUI spoke at a meeting at the Oak Park Village Hall to encourage taxpayers to vote yes on Con-Con.