CHICAGO—The head of Illinois’ largest taxpayer organization today slammed Chicago Mayor Richard M. “Richie” Daley for shifting blame for the city’s huge property tax increases to bureaucrat James Houlihan, the Cook County Assessor.
Jim Tobin, president of National Taxpayers United of Illinois (NTUI) accused Daley of “shameless tax-raising and blame-shifting.”

“Chicago’s overpaid and over-abundant employees are sucking hard-earned money out of the wallets of Chicago homeowners,” said Tobin. “One source of the property tax increases clobbering Chicago homeowners is a $65 million property tax increase passed two years ago by Daley and his subservient aldermen.”
“Some of the hardest-hit neighborhoods are those with low-income residents. West Garfield Park homeowners reportedly will receive a median property tax increase of 46%. This borders on the obscene.”
“Daley is now supporting a meaningless ‘up to $200’ tax break for city homeowners that will be paid out of the parking meter lease reserve fund. Daley is living on another planet.”
“Eighty percent of money spent by the city goes for salaries. Instead of whining about Houlihan, Daley should lay off thousands of city employees and remind the rest that they may have to take a pay cut if they are interested in keeping their jobs — union or no union.”
“Daley and his minions on the City Council have made only anemic attempts to cut spending and have continued to pander to the unions and reward politically-connected businesses. Instead of wasting his time, energy and political capital trying to secure the 2016 Olympic Games for Chicago, Daley should have been working overtime cutting spending and showing some concern for the homeowners in the city.”
“It’s time taxpayers hold Daley’s feet to the fire and demand real spending cuts and city contracts based on competence, not political favors. In this economy, strapped Chicago residents ought to receive property tax cuts, not outrageous property tax increases.”
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