CHICAGO–Taxpayers United of America is going to court to seek a temporary restraining order against the Illinois Tollway Authority to prevent the unconscionable, 90 percent hike in tollway taxes that are due to take effect January, 2012. Our efforts will be helped greatly if you would agree to join as a plaintiff.
The tollways were set up by legislators to be built and then converted to freeways when they were paid off in 1973. Rather than following the legislative intent, the Tollway Authority has run wild and has self-perpetuated itself by building more and more tollways, and now even plans to convert a free highway to a tollway.
While the middle-class is getting squeezed by this recession, tollway administrators are raking in the big bucks as they perpetuate their jobs!
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We must unite and show the tollway administrators and their politically-connected contractors that we won’t put up with this any longer.
Playing an active role and becoming a plaintiff does not mean you will accrue costs. All of the costs are being borne by our organization.
Please help us stop this out-of-control authority by joining on as a plaintiff. If you are interested, send us an email with your name, address and your most frequented tollway. If you have any questions, please call the number listed above for further information. Thanks!
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  1. I know that you went to court to stop the changes in toll fees, however, I have only seen signs with the new toll increases, nothing about the suit