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Chicago— On April 6th taxpayers rejected two major property tax increase referenda put forth by affluent government bureaucrats. The first referendum was a limiting rate increase for the village of Steger that would have cost taxpayers in property taxes an additional estimated $210 per home owner a year. The other was a property tax increase put on the ballot by Warren Township High School Dist. 121., which would have cost local taxpayers an estimated total of $7.8 million dollars in property taxes a year.

“When it comes to referenda, Taxpayers win,” said Jim Tobin, president of Taxpayers United of America. “It is really that simple. As shown with the Income Theft Amendment, a graduated income tax increase that Pritzker tried to pass last year, taxpayers are not stupid. We know a con when we see one, and that’s all these so called ‘necessary’ tax increases are.”

“These two wins together make 441 taxpayer referenda victories for TUA, and shows that there is still plenty of hope for Illinois. So long as taxpayers maintain the right to vote on new tax increases, we can keep greedy tax thieves away from our pocketbooks.”

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