Findings from TUA’s pension project on Columbus, Ohio, are featured in this Associated Press article at The Republic. (The original version of this article referred to TUA as a “conservative” group.  The error has been omitted below.)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A national group campaigning to cut pension benefits for government employees has released data singling out Ohio government workers it says will reap hefty annual payouts in retirement.
Taxpayers United of America kicked off a statewide tour Monday by highlighting top pension estimates in central Ohio, including at Ohio State University and in state government.
Its research identified annual payouts owed to a Columbus police deputy of $213,000; to a state government employee of $215,000; and to a Franklin County government employee of $178,000. The group says that’s $10 million, $7.7 million, and $6.4 million respectively over those employees’ lifetimes.
The group advocates ending pensions for new government hires and requiring workers to pay more toward their pensions. Its tour continues in Youngstown, Cleveland and Toledo.