SAN FRANCISCO – Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair of Free and Equal Elections Foundation and Vice-President of Taxpayers United of America, has been invited to attend the Pacific Research Institute’s discussion of public pensions.
The event, Public Pension Tsunami: Closer to the Shore?, is a discussion presented by Pacific Research Institute.
It will be held at the City Club of San Francisco and will be moderated by Brian Calle Editor-in-chief, and PRI Senior Fellow.
“When I heard that Christina’s pension tour is now in California, the 13th state on her tour, I was excited to collaborate with her about this pervasive economic crisis”, stated Calle.
“Attending this important discussion about the top budget issue facing governments across the Nation, will cap my tour here,” stated Tobin.
“I am honored to join with leading reformers in a non-partisan effort. The goal of Free and Equal is to help foster a unified front, and to build Nationwide awareness for these dynamite organizations”, added Tobin.

Tobin has been touring the United States, city-by-city and county-by-county, releasing government employee pension numbers, highlighting  the problems of special interest money in the electoral process.
Event details:

  • Public Pension Tsunami: Closer to the Shore?
  • Thursday, May 17, 2012 – 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • The City Club of San Francisco
  • 155 Sansome Street
  • San Francisco

Luncheon Cost: $30 per person
For more information please contact Cindy Chin at or (415) 955-6110.