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Chicago – Taxpayers United of America (TUA) today released a video with an important message for voters: vote out of office those Springfield Democrats responsible for the huge 67% personal income tax increase and end Michael Madigan’s reign as House Majority Leader.
“Boss Madigan has been speaker of the Illinois House for nearly 30 years ‘and has more power than Mike Tyson’s left hook’, so who is really to blame for our bleak financial state?” asks Jim Tobin, president of TUA.
“TUA has produced this video to remind voters exactly who the problem is here in Illinois. The hero of our story, Magnum TI, solves the mystery of how to reform Illinois. In this ‘film noir’, Magnum TI calls for the neutralization of ‘Big Cheese Madigan’ by making him the house minority leader.”

“If we don’t throw enough Democrats out of office to make Speaker Madigan the Minority Leader, the 67% temporary personal income tax increase will become permanent, and will be followed by even more tax increases.”
“Illinois is hemorrhaging, 18 jobs per hour and one taxpayer every minute, and we need to stop the bleeding with an immediate change in leadership.”
“We are sending this video to every Illinois member and press contact to spread the message: ‘Throw the bums out.’ Chicago Machine Boss Madigan led us to financial devastation and we intend to hold him and his cronies accountable.”
“But nobody tells the story better than our very own, Magnum TI. Watch him in action!

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    Cool video.