WISCONSIN– Taxpayers United of America has revealed the salaries and estimated pensions for Wisconsin government teachers and employees in an effort to bring transparency to the government pension system.  “In Wisconsin, transparency seems to end where government pensions begin,” according to Christina Tobin, Vice President of Taxpayers United of America (TUA).
“The government pension system is the property of the taxpayers. They need to know the truth about the million dollar pensions that they are supporting with their average annual wages of $39,000,” said Tobin.  “The current system, behind its veil of secrecy, is corrupt; a system that makes government, union bosses, politicians, and administrators with whom they negotiate, extremely wealthy.”
“There is no fair representation of the people. This is a universal, non-partisan problem that burdens left and right alike.  This information is of great importance to the public, as shown by the extensive press coverage that our government pension reports have received throughout Wisconsin.”
Tobin, who toured through Wisconsin towns revealing pension estimates to the public, was interviewed by Charlie Sykes on WTMJ last week, in addition to the wide press and television coverage she has already received.
Tobin further stated that while the pension estimates have been eye-opening, TUA will be exploring non-litigious methods to change the restrictions on the release of information about government pensions in Wisconsin. Tobin does not exclude the possibility of filing a lawsuit to obtain the information.
TUA will be revealing pensions across the nation, continuing with Missouri, California, and New York in the coming weeks.
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